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Anyone wishing to take a test in a Cat D1 (Minibus) or a Cat D (Bus) must pass a theory test before taking their practical driving test.

The PCV Theory Test consists of three segments. The first part consists of a multiple choice exam. It consists of 100 randomly generated multiple choice questions on the following topics:

·        Vehicle Weights and dimensions

·        Braking systems and speed limiters

·        Vehicle condition

·        Passenger Safety

·        Documents

·        Drivers hours and rest periods

·        Attitude and alertness

·        Safety and Hazard Awareness

·        Accident handling

·        Leaving the vehicle

·        Restricted view

·        Overtaking

·        Environmental issues

·        Weather conditions

·        Traffic signs

The second part of the test is the hazard perception element.

In this part you will be shown 19 video clips chosen by the computer at random. you are asked to recognise developing hazards. Each developing hazard has a maximum of 5 points allotted to it.

The third part consists of a case study exam, this counts towards the new Drivers CPC.

JMW run a one and a half day course covering the main elements of this test.  The course also allows candidates to practice for the exams using computer programs.

Course Cost: £ 125.00 + VAT

 JMW can book the DSA test on the candidates behalf.

For further information please telephone us on 01673 878999 or email Sales@jmwtraining.co.uk