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C.P.C. Freight National:  

Generally, as there are exceptions, an operator wishing to carry goods in a vehicle over 3500kg for hire and reward in the UK or Abroad will need to satisfy the requirement of 'Professional Competence,' in order to obtain a Standard National or International Operators Licence. 

One way of doing this is by passing the relevant exams set by the OCR Examinations Board and obtaining a Certificate of Professional Competence.  

The Certificate of Professional Competence examinations are set by OCR, they consists of one 2 hour Multiple Choice Paper and one 2 hour Case Study Paper.  

The first exam (multi choice) requires a pass rate of 70% this will test a candidates knowledge in all aspects of the syllabus for National and International Haulage. 

The New 2 hour case study exam will have between 5 and 8 questions which candidates will need to obtain at least 50% of the marks allocated.   This exam is 'Open Book'   The examinations are held four times a year in March, June, September and December.   

Intensive Courses:

Held at our site at Caenby, Lincs, our intensive courses run for ten days, excluding weekends, followed one week later by the exam day (Friday). Courses start around three weeks before the exam date to enable students to thoroughly learn the material, and also have time to revise and practise their study techniques.

The course is available as either a day or a residential option which includes nine days bed and breakfast accommodation at our quiet and spacious residential site or on a non-residential basis.  Both courses include notes, hot lunches, teas and coffees, revision practice and exam fees.  

Please Note: Candidates wishing to obtain the CPC do not need formal qualifications to undertake this course however a good standard of literacy and numeracy will be advantageous.    Whichever method of learning you choose will require commitment on your part, there will be evening and weekend revision needed to succeed in passing the two exams at the first attempt.   

Home study

If you can't take time off to attend a course Home Study Notes are available however this is not an easy option as it requires a high degree of dedication on the part of the candidates. Please ring for details.

Intensive Freight CPC Non Residential Course Cost:      £ 1000.00 (+V.A.T.)

Intensive Freight CPC Residential Course Cost:            £ 1500.00 (+V.A.T.)

C.P.C. Freight International: - Only Available until December 2012 for candidates who have the National CPC within the last few years. - Please check for eligibility.
Module 6 consists of one case study paper. The topics covered include: -

·        Drivers Hours

·        Financial Management

·        The EU Market

·        Customs and Transit Systems

·        Specialist Operations

·        International Transport Document. 

Intensive Freight International CPC Non Residential Course Cost: £ 480.00 (+V.A.T.)

Intensive Freight International CPC Residential Course Cost:       £ 620.00 (+V.A.T.)

Home Study Courses are also available in a range of options.

Please telephone us on 01673 878999 or email sales@jmwtraining.co.uk for further details.